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Package registration

Register for a few races of the Ukrainian Majors Running League at once and get the juiciest  emotions of the year of 2020! Or get a package of happiness for your loved one – purchase package registration for the largest and the coolest races of Ukraine.


Ukrainian Majors Running League includes seven races in six cities of Ukraine, all of them organized by Run Ukraine. High level of organization, thousands of participants and an opportunity to discover Ukraine as it is. Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia, Odesa and Kharkiv – these are six locations on the map of Ukraine, and if you go through all of them, you will get a fantastic medal of the finisher of the Ukrainian Majors Running League.


Visit 6 cities. Run 7 races. Get 8 medals. Do all of this in the running season of 2020.


Run Ukraine has prepared package registration offers for you.
This is an opportunity to purchase registration for a few races at once for a good price.
Do you want to try it?


Actually, everything is very simple:


Step 1
CHOOSE forward

Choose package registration (number of events and courses) – you can find available offers here below

Step 2

Click on the package registration and purchase it from our online store

Step 3

Wait for the Run Ukraine representatives to contact you and explain your further actions

Step 4


If you purchase package registration as a present for another person, you can pick up the gift certificate from the Run Ukraine office or order delivery from Nova Poshta.



Package registration is invalid without activation. It is important that you inform your friend about certificate activation.


Package registration offers from Run Ukraine

The following prices apply through January 31, 2020. The cost will increase over time.
Price difference is shown on the example of prices for NGO “Run Ukraine”.

7 League races (21/42 km) 7 League races (10 km) 6 League races (21/42 km) 6 League races (10 km)
3500 UAH 4570 UAH 3300 UAH 4090 UAH 3300 UAH 4120 UAH 3100 UAH 3520 UAH
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5 League races (21/42 km) 5 League races (10 km) 4 League races (21/42 km) 4 League races (10 km)
2850 UAH 3490 UAH 2750 UAH 2950 UAH 2340 UAH 2860 UAH 2100 UAH 2380 UAH
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3 League races (21/42 km) 3 League races (10 km)
1770 UAH 2230 UAH 1580 UAH 1810 UAH
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The following rules apply to the Certificates for package registrations RUN UKRAINE