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Medical provision of seventh Kyiv half marathon

Seventh Kyiv International half marathon to be held April 9, 2017, is to become the biggest running event in Ukraine. Compared to last year’s event, medical provision of the current half marathon has become more fundamental and the number of doctors willing to provide assistance has increased.

This year, there will be 13 reanimobiles – ambulance vehicles along the route. Including two ambulances (reanimation vehicles) of a private medical network “Dobrobut” and one from the Center for Disaster Medicine located at the location of start and finish. Moreover, there will be a medical hospital located in the Race Village by the Finish zone.  26 members on 3 cars and 4 bicycles of the “Red Cross” equipped with medicines and medical equipment will help monitor the health of the participants. 15 Maltese rescue service assistants, physician of the Kyiv branch of Samaritan Union of Ukraine and 6 crews of «MotoHelp» decided to join Kyiv half marathon.

With this medical provision, the participants can be assured that they would receive timely and quality medical aid during the race. The organizers of Kyiv half marathon, the Run Ukraine Company, encourage the runners to start preparing for the race in advance and run for the sake of health, not despite it.