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Fundraisers of 8th  Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon collected 574,090 UAH of charity funds


574,090 UAH – this is the sum collected by Ukrainian fundraisers for the wards of 15 funds and organizations that took part in the “Fundraising marathon. 2018 – Kyiv” as part of the  8th Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon, which took place in the capital of Ukraine on April 22.  Today the organizers of Kyiv half marathon, the Run Ukraine company, announced the results of the marathon. This charity initiative became a tradition of the prestigious running events. This time 46 fundraisers representing different funds prepared for the race on various courses and came to the starting line along with 11,000 runners from 52 countries.


Fundraising marathon is a large-scale all-Ukraine charity event which provides targeted assistance to the wards of various funds. How is this money raised? First of all, we should note the importance of the role of fundraisers. They are the ones who join the funds and promise to raise the needed sum of money for them. They are the ones who prepare for the race and draw the attention of society to the social problems by doing sports. I run to help – this is the motto of our ambassadors. And they do help. We should thank the funds that join the fundraising and promptly transfer funds to solve the problems of their wards. No doubt, this result is formed by each person who joined the project and donated on the platform of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace. The next Fundraising marathon will take place within the 3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon. We will continue this tradition as long as it keeps yielding results” – comments Viktoriia Veremiienko, Marketing and Communication Director of Run Ukraine.   


Participating in this large-scale running event, the fundraisers were drawing the attention of the public to social problems and called everyone to donate funds to solve these problems, since often the lack of money is the main obstacle in solving these problems.


The eighth Kyiv half marathon Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon is an event of international scale, which combines sport and charity. The half marathon brought together thousands of people united by one goal – to change themselves and to help others. On March  22 ubb.org.ua started the fundraising marathon. This year slogan “Stop doing it alone” brought 14 charity funds to the ubb.org.ua united by the desire to do something together. Over 40 fundraisers and corporate teams united their efforts to raise funds to support various social and charity projects. Our platform has already raised over 390,000 UAH, which means that assistance will be provided to prematurely born babies, kids with cancer, boys and girls with Down syndrome, people with hearing disabilities, animals that were abandoned in the streets and courageous Ukrainian soldiers, who were wounded in the combat zone and are in need of treatment and rehabilitation now.– comments Iryna Hutsal, UPM Director.


Each fund participating in the “Fundraising Marathon” was raising funds in the period from March 22 through April 27 on the platform of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, which for the second year in a row serves as the charity partner of Kyiv half marathon and helps make the dreams of people come true. This time the fundraisers were raising funds to help people with cancer, people with hearing and breathing disabilities, prematurely born babies etc.


Each participant of the “Fundraising Marathon” raised the following amount of money:

Tabletochki – 183 460 UAH

Krona -33 000 UAH

Svichado – 12 141,55  UAH

Zaporuka – 85 052,80 UAH

Happy Paw – 32 854,70 UAH

Open Palms – 50 259,04 UAH

City of Happy Children – 48 891, 97 UAH

Dzherelo – 30 865, 44 UAH

Center of Social Projects of the Future – 15 354 UAH

Terytoriia Dobra – 361,71 UAH

Everyone Can – 20 341, 30 UAH

Vidchui – 18 535,86 UAH

Modern City and Village – 1 111,65 UAH

Brativ Kuzminykh – 6 647, 34 UAH.

Total amount – 574 090 UAH*

Including money raised on the platform of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace – 390,630 UAH.


«In 2015 we successfully started the practice of charity marathons in Ukraine. This is our sixth charity race in Kyiv and we are glad that new and new fundraisers are joining our initiative. This is a big responsibility and at the same time a very noble mission – helping kids get rid of cancer. Currently the amount of money raised comes to over 180 thousand UAH. All money raised will be transferred to provision of medicine and medical consumables for our wards, children fighting cancer», – says Olha Kudynenko, the founder of “Tabletochki” fund.


Traditionally, Ukrainian celebrities joined the charity fundraising. This time the project was supported by the football player of the national football team of Ukraine Ruslan Rotan, famous Ukrainian singer Vitalii Kozlovskyi, actress and TV presenter Yanina Sokolova, public figure, the first world champion in karate, TV presenter Uliana Pcholkina, sportsman and showman Andrii Onistrat.


The 3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon will include the next “Fundraising Marathon- 2018. Dnipro”, which will begin on May 7 and will last through May 25. You can support the participating charity funds on the  website of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace


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